December 27, 2010
A year in review!:
Once again, the year has brought me some interesting opportunities. I'm looking back to the highlights of the year, and of course deliver my favorite flicks of 2010. Check out Reggy's Film Top Ten 2010 right here!

September 13, 2010
Reggy's Project Update:
Well, that didn't work out as planned. My intention was to bring you regular updates on my latest projects... but I was too busy to post stuff on this section of the site. But here it is, a quick update on my latest developments, find out more right here.

September 13, 2010
Rosa Concept Art:
I worked on this project some time ago. The creator of the project, the very talented (and disturbed) Bob Groothuis, revisited my artwork and edited them into a little movie. Check out more on Rosa right here.

September 13, 2010
Reggy's Love Like Hers Concept Art:
I created the storyboards for Danny Lacey's horror flick Angel of the Night, and re-teamed with the director on his latest project Love Like Hers. Check out my concept art for the project right here.

May 9, 2010 Reloaded!: is back with a bang! New design, new look, new blog, new portfolio, same passion! Read more about the site's new strategy right here!

May 9, 2010
The Birthday Present Concept Art:
I've created concept art for a Brithish short, entitled The Birthday Present. Check out more about this project, the power of Indie flicks and Twitter right here!

May 9, 2010
The Jackie Chan Message:
I'm a huge fan of the martial arts genre, and Jackie Chan films introduced me to amazing Hong Kong cinema. Now, I've always wanted to meet The Master himself, and I found a way to enter his dojo, click here to read more!

May 9, 2010
Reggy on is the site where you can find everything about film, directors, actors and the many folks working behind the camera. My name has been finally added to the database, so that's a huge step for me to become a real pro in the business. Read more right here!

May 9, 2010
Angel of the Night Storyboards:
After focusing on my screenwriting projects, I decided to get back to the drawingboard for some good ol' storyboarding. Angel of the Night, a British horror short by Danny Lacey, seemed the perfect project to get back into illustration mode. Click here for more!

May 9, 2010
Reggy's World Premiere:
My first movie in the movie theater! From concept designer to art director of the Dutch sci-fi Luctor, from my red carpet moment (alone with no paparazzi) to the after party with broads, coke and alcohol (mom, orange juice and potato chips), anyway, pretty amazing day, click here to read more!

November 20, 2009
Reggy IMAX Report:
I got invited to an IMAX presentation with a very interesting preview of upcoming features, and even more interesting, a cool goodie back with an IMAX Experience T-shirt! IMAX is the feature, dudes, and I freakin' love this format! Click here to read more!