Reggy's Film Top Ten 2010

Once again, the year has brought me some interesting opportunities. The website got an explosive new facelift, made a few changes, which were pretty difficult decisions. One of them was getting rid of the Dutch version (except for the reviews), but also decided to make more personal with adding the blog section.
I also switched back to my illustrating alter ego while working on cool storyboard and concept design projects for very talented filmmakers. The downside this year, was a few promising gigs that could help give my movie career a giant boost, but it unfortunately ended with a sizzle.
Right now, it looks like I will focus on screenwriting again, but who knows, the business is as unpredictable as the success of movie sequels, I could change superhero costumes again before you even know it.

As always, I would like to thank you guys for your support and keeping explosive, I couldn't have done it without you. You guys are awesome!

Let's move on with my favorite flicks of the year! There are a couple of older flicks on the list, but that's because some films are being released much later here in Holland than in the US.
I'll first start with flicks that didn't make the list, but I really loved, so I had to mention them... and yeah, Jackass 3D is one of them, 'cause I can't remember I laughed so hard watching a film.
So let's start with the honorable mentions, in random order: The Road, Jackass 3D, The Ghost Writer, The A-Team, Swedish crime thriller Snabba Cash and Red. Here's Reggy's Favorite Flicks of 2010;

1. How To Train Your Dragon
This film was more than a pleasant surprise. Great story, simply spectacular, and overwhelming visuals.

2. The Social Network
Excellent writing, great directing by Fincher, amazing story.

3. Rapunzel
Old school Disney Magic. Loved it.

4. Inception
Stylish. Mind-blowing. Nolan rocks.

5. A Single Man
Also very stylish. Great, subtle performances. Incredible debut by director Tom Ford.

6. Zombieland
Cool zombie flick. Love the tone and style. This flick's got it all; Metallica intro, Woody Harrelson is awesome, one of the best cameos ever by Bill Murray.

7. Kick-Ass
A kick-ass superhero flick. Raw, gritty and hilarious. Sweet but deadly Hit-Girl.

8. Best Worst Movie
One of the best docs I've seen this year. A fantastic film about the making of one of the worst movies ever, Troll 2.

9. Ip Man 2
There has to be a martial arts flick on the list, and of course, it's Ip Man 2! The sequel is not as great as the first one, but the fights are top notch. Always great to see Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung together on screen.

10. The Kids Are All Right
I just love to see Julianne Moore and Annette Bening playing a lesbian couple. And I don't mean that in a nasty kind of way. Their performance just blew me away. Wonderful and gripping film.

Written by Reggy
December 27, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon!
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